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"La jeunesse est dans la tête" ©ARTE Square Artiste – Carte Blanche à Raimund Hoghe

The year 2016 began for me with the editing of the film „La jeunesse est dans la tête“ at ARTE in Strasbourg. The film is about a remarkable woman, Marie-Thérèse Allier, the director of La Ménagerie de Verre in Paris. In February the film will be presented within the framework of the programme „Square Artiste – Carte Blanche à Raimund Hoghe“ at ARTE.

2016 I will perform again several pieces from different periods of my work: starting in January with „L’Après-midi“, created for and with Emmanuel Eggermont in 2008, followed by my most recent group piece „Quartet“ from 2014, and „Songs for Takashi“, created for Takashi Ueno in 2015. After some years we will present again „Boléro Variations“ in June at Concertgebouw in Brugge and „Sans-titre“, a piece for Faustin Linyekula, in November at Teatro Municipal Sao Luiz in Lisbon.

Also two new works are planned for this year. First I’m working with Emmanuel Eggermont on „Musiques et mots pour Emmanuel“. The premiere will be July 1, at Theater im Pumpenhaus in Münster. After the summer I start the rehearsals for a new group piece, „La Valse“, with several dancers and the pianist Guy Vandromme. The premiere of "La Valse" will be end of November during the Festival d'Automne at Centre Pompidou in Paris.

You'll always find updated schedules of my work on this website, which I've developed together with Jacqy Gantenbrink.

Raimund Hoghe, May 10, 2016

Publications "Schreiben mit Körpern", "Throwing the body into the fight" and "Raimund Hoghe"

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